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Atari Jaguar PCB-layout

This is the Jaguar's PCB. You'll notice, it's more complex than the 2600...
The shown PCB is an NTSC-version; it has a red LED. PAL-Jaguars have a green one (just between the controller-ports).


1) Motorola 68000
2) 'Jerry' custom chip, DSP (have a look below)
3) 'Tom' custom-chip, main CPU (have a look below)
4) Two MB of DRAM
5) Boot-ROM chip; provides bootstrapping sequence
6) 32bit cartridge slot (also JagCD connection, cartridge port is 'passed-through')
7) TV modulator
8) I/O port (DSP / AV / all peripherals, except CD-ROM)

On the left, you see the 'main' Jaguar-CPU ('Tom'), on the right there's the Jaguar-DSP ('Jerry')

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