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Atari's Coin-Op history

Atari's Coin-Op history is a more difficult issue to deal with as at some time in Atari's life, 1984, the company got split up into two companies as the Tramiels took over: Atari Corporation and Atari Games Corporation. From then on, all business concerning Coin-Op games was handed over to Atari Games Corporation (Namco). Atari Corporation only was allowed to use the Atari brand and name in no other business than non-Coin-operated video games.
Atari Games Corporation also produced some video games under the 'Tengen' brand (e.g. Klax).
In 1996 Atari Games Corporation was purchased by Midway / Williams.
On January 14th, 2000 Midway Games announces that there will be no more titles released by Midway under the Atari Games brand!
That marks the end of any Atari business world-wide, and 'San Francisco Rush 2049' is the last game under the Atari label!

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