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The Atari documents library

The library is intended to provide you with certain documents like manuals, warranty-cards, technical information, rarity listings, etc.
The documents are stored either in Adobe Acrobat format or as text-files.
Because of the huge amount of papers, it will take a lot of time to scan and to convert all the documents. So please be patient...

Our special feature:

>>> The Atari Patents Database <<<

Lots of Atari, Inc. / Atari Corp. / Atari Games Corp. patents; all of them with the original patent-documents converted into PDF! Approximately 150 to 200 patents to be shown - due to real-life-demands, this may take some time...no other Atari related site on the internet offers this service!


All PDF-documents require "Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0" and above!


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