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Atari video game systems (consoles)

Throughout the years, Atari released many video game systems; looking at these systems makes it necessary to distinguish between several types of systems:

consoles like the '2600' or  the 'Jaguar'
stand alone systems like 'Pong'
handhelds like 'TouchMe'

Portable systems like the 'Lynx' may be considered as hybrids, but fulfill all necessary attributes to be categorized as a video game console.
This section of 'www.atarihistory.de' deals with cartridge-based systems: the consoles.

Though the 'XEGS' is a fully-featured homecomputer, it somehow belongs in the category 'video game systems', because Atari's main focus for this machine was on the video games; computer functionality was nothing more than a nice gadget to make the competitors lifes' harder.

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