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Online resources covering Atari

The company itself  

Atari, Inc. / Atari, SA

The 'new' Atari...well, its remains!
The AHS and its member sites  
www.atarimuseum.com The 'Atari Historical Society' (AHS)
www.atariexplorer.com Karl
www.atariage.com Albert & Alex
www.orubin.com Owen & Brian
www.myatari.net Matthew & Shiuming
Stella's Boneyard Stella's Boneyard - Atari Games, Systems and Repairs >>>>> DEAD LINK
Other useful Atari resources  
www.backntime.net Infos about Atari and Arcade Emulators >>>>> DEAD LINK
www.atarihq.com Atari & classic gaming. Home of 'Jaguar Interactive II'
Best Electronics Replacement parts and accessories
Jagu-Dome Possibly the best Jaguar-only-site around
Llamasoft Jeff Minter's Llamasoft
www.scottw.com Once Upon Atari. Video history project about Atari >>>>> DEAD LINK
www.dysfunction.demon.co.uk The Lynx-emulator 'Handy' for Windows >>>>> DEAD LINK
www.atari-spielanleitungen.de Hundreds of scanned game instructions for the 2600
www.abbuc.de German user club covering the Atari 8-bit line


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