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'Do the math'

When Atari noticed that the Jaguar's sales were far behind their expectations and lower than sales of their competitors (Sega Genesis, 3DO and later on the Sony Playstation), they decided to launch a new commercial-campaign for their system: 'DO THE MATH'.
The intention was clear: less money for more bits...as in the 'Stimulus' commercial:

'Why would I buy a 32bit system for 300 dollars when I can get a 64bit Jaguar system for 149?'

Well, you could think that the higher the numbers the better the results...but Atari forgot to tell their customers that the competing systems had a lot more to offer than just high numbers of bits; they had what succesful systems need and all the gamers want: not a high number of bits but a high number of available games!

Watch the full-length video-ads in the 'Atari theater' here at 'www.atarihistory.de'.

'DO THE MATH' from the 'Alien vs. Predator' commercial; in the whole Atari context the fading heartbeat seems ironic.


'DO THE MATH' from the 'Doom' commercial.


'DO THE MATH' from the 'Tempest 2000' commercial


'DO THE MATH' from the 'Video Game Marketing 101' commercial.

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