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Atari Jaguar - released Atari hardware

Atari Jaguar (Partno. J8015, manufactured by 'IBM' and 'Comptronix')

This is what you got when you bought a Jaguar (besides the user's manual (downloadable in the 'library'-section) and the power supply...and the box, of course...

1. The Jaguar main unit
2. The Jaguar controller
3. The game-cartridge 'Cybermorph'. It was left later on to cut costs.

The Jaguar holds only one button / switch: on / off. All other actions like reset, etc. were performed via the controller's buttons and the key-pad.
On the back of the Jaguar there is an expansion port for audio / video, JagLink, etc. There also is an RF plug and, on NTSC Jaguars, a channel switch.
NTSC Jaguars have a red power-LED, PAL Jaguars have a green one.

Up to 8 Jaguars can build a network by hooking them up using a 'JagLink' cable.


Jaguar Controller (Partno. J8901)

This is the Jaguar's controller. One unit was sold together with the Jaguar. Additional controllers had to be bought separately. The controller has a direction-pad, three fire-buttons (A,B,C), one 'Option'-button  and one 'Pause'-button. The bottom half of the controller holds the keypad with 12 keys; 0-9, '#' and '*'.
Pressing the '0'-key during game-play stops / starts the music. Pressing '#' and '*' together causes the game-cartridge to reset. Pressing 'Option'/ '#' / '*' at the title screen clears the saved high-scores.
The Jaguar controller was Atari's best one ever!


Jaguar ProController (Partno. J8907)

The ProController provides more action buttons to be used in games: it adds three more 'fire' buttons ('X', 'Y', 'Z', which correspond to '7', '8', '9' on the numeric keypad) and two index-finger buttons ('L' and 'R', which correspond to '4' and '6'). Some games were designed or optimized for the ProController, but 'regular' games may take advantage of the enhanced capabilities as well.


'Team Tap' (Partno. WMCJ)

By using two 'Team Tap' controllers up to 8 people can play on one Jaguar.


'Automatic TV game switch' (Partno. J8903)

The automatic TV-switchbox for the Jaguar.


'JagLink' cable (Partno. J8908)

Connect up to 8 Jaguars using this 'JagLink' cable.


Jaguar 'RGB' cable (Partno. J8904)

Connects the Jaguar via its 'RGB' output to the TV set or VCR.


Jaguar 'S-VHS' cable (Partno. J8905)

Connects the Jaguar via its 'S-VHS' output to the TV set or VCR.

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