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Atari 'Cosmos' (EG-500)

The 'Cosmos' was Atari's idea to experiment with a new technology using the means of holography. Atari called its invention 'Holoptics'.

Atari began with the development of a new tabletop game using this technique; this new machine would have allowed eight different games with different backgrounds, that were realized using 'Holoptics'..

But the games didn't make real use of holography; the '3-D' experience was just 'faked' by inserting a holographic image (mostly a landscape) behind the LED-array that was responsible for the whole gameplay - the same technique other companies like 'Mattel Electronics' used with their tabletops.
So the 'Cosmos' would just have been some 'graphically' enhanced, regular tabletop - nothing more, nothing less.

Atari stopped the 'Cosmos' short time before the announced release-date in 1981...


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