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The Atari 'ATW800 Transputer'

The 'Atari Transputer Workstation 800', also known as the 'ABAQ', was first shown at the 1987 Comdex. The 'ATW 800' was designed for parallel processing, with the ability to connect up to 16 transputers to work in unison. The Transputer could be housed on a card in the tower shown on the left, with the ability to add additional cards as necessary, or as an add-on connected to an Atari 'Mega STf' via the expansion bus.
The operating system was 'Helios', a Unix derivative designed for parallel data processing. 'Helios' was designed by the same company that made the Amiga operating system. It is speculated that only 350 of these powerful machines were ever built.
The basic architecture of the 'ATW 800' was built around the INMOS 'T-800 RISC CPU'. It was capable of displaying up to 16,7 million colors.

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