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The Atari 'Falcon030'

CPUs 16 MHz M68030 CPU, optional 68882 FPU
Motorola 56001 DSP, 32 MHz
Memory 1, 4 or 14 MB of RAM
32KWords of static DSP RAM
512KB of ROM
Graphics 16 bit True Color Mode (65536 colors)
262,144 possible colors
Super VGA Resolution: 640x480
Optional Overscan
"Blitter" Graphics Coprocessor
Sound Eight 16 bit digital audio DMA channels
Up to 50KHz sampling rate
Stereo 16 bit digital DMA input/output
I/O SCSI II port
High speed LAN port
DSP Port
RS232C serial port
Parallel Port
Stereo In/Out Ports
Storage 1.44 MB disk drive
Optional Internal IDE Hard Disk

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