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Atari 'XEGS' technical specifications

Date of release 1987
CPU MOS 6502C (custom design, NOT 65C02), runs at 1.78 MHz (CPU)
Graphics The "ANTIC" processor has direct RAM-access
Handles NMI's
Colors available: 256, colors on screen: 16
Resolution: 320  x 192
The "GTIA" supports 17 different video modes,
text and graphic-modes can be mixed,
generates video-signals to the television and handles the sprites
Player sprites can be: 8 x 128 or 8 x 256 pixels
Missile sprites can be: 2 x 128 or 2 x 256 pixels
Responsible for collision detection and reading joystick trigger buttons
and controlling which controller is being read by POKEY
Text mode 40 x 24 characters
Sound "POKEY": 4 channels, also keypad and joystick control, random number generator,
IRQ-handling, 3 high-speed-counters
Memory 64 KBytes of RAM

24 KBytes of ROM (Atari OS)

Interfaces 1* cartridge port 
1* Expansion port (ECI)
2* joystick ports
1* serial
1* composite
1* RF
Keyboard Type-writer-style keyboard (QWERTY), 62 keys
Miscelleaneous Missile Command built-in

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