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Archived news @ 'www.atarihistory.de'


Some changes to the Atari-timetable
Corrected the hyperlink to 'Rush 2049' in the 'Coin-Op'-section
Added 'Swordquest: Earthworld' to '2600 / Collection'
Added 'Secret Quest' to '2600 / Collection'
New disclaimer


Merry Xmas to all Atarians out there...
As there is more time available, the page will be updated more regularly again...so stay tuned!


Replaced the 'Download' section with the 'Theater' section; now with a total of 16 trailers or commercials in RealPlayer format
Added the 'Yar's Revenge' cover to the '2600 / Collection' section
Added 'Electrocop' and 'Batman Returns' to the 'Lynx' section
Added much more content to the 'Glossary' section
Some minor corrections and additions...


Added some flyers to the 'CoJag' page in the 'Jaguar'-section


Added much new information to the 'Glossary'
Added some information to the Atari 2600 clone with 510 games built-in
Added a picture of the Atari '1040 ST' to the 'Computers' section
Finally added 'Hardware' to the 'Lynx' section - all released Lynx hardware
Corrected some errors; we now shouldn't be far from perfect after all the corrections ;-)


Just some changes to the 'Links' section


Added information about the Toymax 'Action Gear' in the '2600 / Specials' section
Added information about the 'Activision 10-in-1 Classic Video Game System' in the '2600 / Specials' section


Added screenshots of 'SkyCopter II' and 'Speedster II' by 'Carousel International' in the 'Jaguar'-section
Added information abot the Atari '1090 XL Expansion System' to the 'Computers / Protos'-section
Added 'Game standards and procedures' for the 2600 in the 'Library'-section
Added 25 game manuals for the Atari 5200 in the 'Library'-section
Added 'Klax' cover to the 'Lynx / Collection'-section
New picture of the Atari 'Video Music'
Some addtions to the 'Glossary'
Some minor additions / changes



On June 27th, 1972 - exactly 30 years ago - Atari was founded!


Added more technical specs to the 'Computers' section:

Atari 400
Atari 800

Atari XE-series:

Atari 65XE (Atari 800XE)
Atari 130XE

Atari ST-series:

Atari 260ST
Atari 520ST
Atari 520STe
Atari 1040STe
Atari MegaST
Atari MegaSTe
Atari STBook
Atari STacy

Atari XL-series:

Atari 600XL
Atari 800XL
Atari 1200XL


Added a huge 8bit cartridge list to the 'XEGS / software' section


Added three new documents to the Jaguar-library:

'Memory Track' instruction-manual
'Team Tap' instruction-manual
Jaguar game registration card


Finally added contents to the 'Coin-Op' section.
Some minor corrections.


Added 'Brain Dead 13' to the Jaguar CD section!
Some minor changes and additions.


Some corrections to the links area


Big change today; altered the web-site's layout: the navigation columns changed into horizontal navigation bars. We hope you'll like it...

Added a new patent to the library:
Atari '5200' joystick; mechanical design

Some minor changes.


Well, the first update for quite a long time. Moving to another place took much more time than expected...
Added much information to the 'Atari Glossary'. Just basics for the native Atarian, but good info for newcomers!
Some minor corrections and additions


Merry Xmas to all Atarians out there...


Added new section: 'Atari Glossary', still under construction
Added much information to the 'Computers' section; still to be completed


Added information about the Jaguar 'Kiddie rides' machines by 'Carousel International' in the Jaguar section
Some minor corrections...
Some minor additions...


The first update since October 1st, 2001 - sorry for that. Real-life-demands are important as well; somehow...

Two new patents added:
Console-design patent for the Atari '800' home computer
Console-design patent for the Atari '400' home computer

Some minor corrections and additions (e.g. 'Rayman' box-scan, etc.)


New section added, but still under construction: Coin-Op
Some minor additions and corrections


Back from the (US) holidays!
Added additional information to the 'Jaguar / CoJag'-section (including picture of a 'Freeze' prototype 'CoJag' board)...well, this might lead to a 'Coin-Op' section in the near future consequently...
Some minor corrections (...as usual)


New section added: 'Computers', giving basic information about Atari's home-computers; under construction.
Some minor corrections again (nobody's perfect)


Added more detailed information about the Atari Games' 'CoJag' in the Jaguar-section


We are proud to announce that our site by now has become an official AHS member site for continental Europe!
Hello, everyone; nice to be onboard!

Since we now own better camera-equipment, we will be adding better pictures soon!
Our links-section now is 'Atari-only'!
Some cosmetical changes (technical specifications-pages)
Some minor changes in the Portfolio-section


Added the 'Spectravideo Compumate' User's Manual to the library-section


Added the Jaguar's block-diagram
New patents added:
Atari 'Super Pong ProAm / Super Pong ProAm 10'
Atari 'Ultra Pong Doubles'
Atari paddles used since Atari 'Super Pong 10'


The temporarily deleted PDF-documents are available again
Added a bigger satellite-picture of Sunnyvale, CA
Some minor changes
New patents added:
Atari 'Lynx' - Cartridge design
Atari 'Stunt Cycle' - Console design
Controllers for Atari '2800' and Sears 'Telegames II'
Atari 'VCS/2600' - Cartridge design


Slightly changed the portal's graphics
Changed the links' colors (by popular request)
Corrected some errors


Sorry for the technical problems in the last days...they're fixed!
Taiwanese 2600-clone with 510 games built-in added (2600-section)
Added a 2-port Atari 5200 to the '5200'-section
Added PCB-layout of the Atari 5200, 2-port-version
Also added many new 5200 games to the '5200 / Collection'-section...
Re-organized the 'Site-news'-section
Added 'Mission'-statement
Added four new patents to the library
Added a certificate of stock of 'Atari Corporation' to the library

No real news, but some inportant information:

This site is completely in english, because:

1) most of the visitors are from foreign (non-german) countries
2) the Internet definately IS an international media


New web-site logo
Finally added screenshots to '7800 / Collection'
Continued adding bigger pictures


Re-designed the web-site's portal (ok, it's quite big...)
Eliminated several small errors on the web-site
Continued adding bigger pictures
Added new photos to the 'Atari 5200'-section
Added 'Cart-tech' to the '5200'-section
Added 'Hardware' to the '5200'-section (controller and switchbox so far)
Added 'Qix' to '5200 / Collection' 
Added 'Cart-tech' to the 'Jaguar'-section
Added 'Cart-tech' to the 'XEGS'-section
The '5200 Owner's manual' is online in the library-section


'Atari Patents Database' (as part of our library) added; some documents already online!
Added 'Karateka' to '7800 / Collection'-section
Added 'Ballblazer' to '7800 / Collection'-section
Added 'Mat Mania Challenge' to '7800 / Collection'-section
Added 'Fight Night' to '7800 / Collection'-section
Added 'Asteroids' (built-in) to '7800 / Collection'-section
Added 'Battlezone' box-scan to '2600 / Collection'-section
Added 'King Kong' to '2600 / Collection'-section
Added 'Ballblazer' to 'XEGS / Collection'-section
Added 'Joust' to 'XEGS / Collection'-section
Added 'Thunderfox' to 'XEGS / Collection'-section
Added 'Tennis' to 'XEGS / Collection'-section
Added 'Real Sports: Football' to 'XEGS / Collection'-section
Added 'Bug Hunt' to 'XEGS / Collection'-section
Added 'Food Fight' to 'XEGS / Collection'-section
Added 'Centipede' to 'XEGS / Collection'-section
Added 'Millipede' to 'XEGS / Collection'-section
Added 'Into the Eagles Nest' to 'XEGS / Collection'-section
Added 'Crossbow' to 'XEGS / Collection'-section
Added 'Barnyard Blaster' to 'XEGS / Collection'-section
Added link to 'ABBUC' and fixed some links in the 'Links'-section
Web-counter removed due to technical problems
Applied some cosmetic changes
Corrected some content-related errors (thanks to Peter Ghiea)


Continued replacing some pictures with bigger ones
Started adding some commentaries to '2600 / Collection'
Added most of the company-logos to '2600 / Software'


Added 'Smart Parallel Interface' to the 'Portfolio'-section
Added 'Memory Expander Plus' to the 'Portfolio'-section
Added 'PC-Card Reader' to the 'Portfolio'-section


Added screenshots to the 5200-section.
Added collection to the 'XEGS'-section
Added collection to the 7800-section
Replaced many pictures by larger versions (several sections)
'ComLynx'-cable added (Lynx-section)


Replaced several pictures by larger versions


Welcome to the new Millenium!!!


Merry Xmas to everyone.
From this day on, most of the pictures will consecutively be replaced by larger versions. This is the result of many popular requests


Added the 'Atari XEGS'-section (still to be completed)


Added 4 Portfolio manuals to the library-section (PDF)
Added Jaguar system-manual to the library-section (PDF)
Added 'Phoenix' (VCS) manual to the library-section (PDF)


Arabian 2600-clone with 128 games built-in added (2600-section)


Atari 'Track & Field' controller added (2600-section)
Controllers-section re-designed (2600-section)
Added new section: '2600 / Specials'


Atari Portfolio PCBs added (Portfolio-section)
Portfolio ROM-card added (Portfolio-section)


'Spectravideo Compumate' added (2600-section)
'Attack of the Mutant Penguins' added (Jaguar-section) 
'Fever Pitch Soccer' added (Jaguar-section)


We're back online with our new (and own) domain!


Older news aren't available any more; sorry for that...

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