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Atari's owners throughout its history


Founded on
June 27th, 1972

  Atari (1972-1976)  

From 1972-1973:
Nolan Bushnell (50%)
Ted Dabney (50%)


From 1973-1976:
Nolan Bushnell (100%)


Sold to Warner Brothers, Inc. for $28,000,000


Atari, Inc. (1976-1984)


Warner Brothers, Inc.


Sold to the Tramiel's


Left at Warner Brothers, Inc.

Atari Corporation (1984-1996)


Atari Games Corporation

Tramiel family: about 51%,
Warner Brothers: about 25%,
Sega (1996): 7.1%


Warner Brothers, Inc.
Namco, Inc.

Video game consoles and computers, no coin-op business allowed


Coin-operated games, video games under the Tengen-brand


Reverse merger with (*)


Sold to

JTS Corp. (1996-1998)


Midway Games (1996-)

Stopped all operational Atari-business and  filed for bancruptcy in 1998


Williams Electronics


ALL rights / properties sold to Hasbro, Inc. for $5,000,000 in cash

  January 14, 2000

ATARI brand-name


  Midway / Williams officially announced to stop all activities on its brand 'Atari Games', i.e. 'Rush 2049' (1996)

Hasbro Interactive, Atari is reborn as their home-video-game label

  will be the last game to be published with the 'Atari Games' logo. 

ALL rights / properties sold to 'Infogrames' on Dec. 6th, 2000 for $100,000,000 (including ALL of 'Hasbro Interactive')


ATARI brand-name


May 7th, 2003    
Infogrames changes its name to ATARI!    

(*) this point marks the end of the 'old' Atari (July 30th, 1996)

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