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Have you played Atari today?

Welcome to 'www.atarihistory.de', one of the world's most comprehensive pages about the (probably) most famous company in world-history: Atari!
Atari started the video-game business as we know it today; they invented such incredible games like 'Pong', 'Centipede', 'Asteroids' and 'Tempest', the world's first game based on vector-graphics!
What started as a $500 adventure for two men rose up to a multi-billion-dollar company and went way back down to the ground about 25 years later.
Atari gave us precious things like 'Pong', the 'Atari VCS', the 'Atari ST' computer and the famous 'Lynx' as well as the underestimated 64bit system 'Jaguar'!
The story of Atari isn't very easy to tell...it's a story of many misunderstandings, mistakes, ups and downs; a story that ended abruptly in 1996 when Atari left the business through the back door (Atari NEVER filed for bancruptcy); and noone really noticed it or really took care but for the many fans which keep the company's memory and spirit alive until this day!

Since the 'new' Atari isn't the company that was established in 1972 any longer, July 30th, 1996 marks the end of an era in electronic entertainment. Now take your personal tour and have fun with the 'original' Atari!

'www.atarihistory.de' is the official member-site of the 'AHS' ('Atari Historical Society') for continental europe.



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